We Can Help You Feel Better  from The Inside Out

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, we at the Health and Wellness Center emphasizes on improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. 

Building a Relationship for Personalized Treatment

We treat the whole person - and work towards aligning your body, whether the discomfort is from misalignment in the spine, pain in the neck, or an off balance with your nutrition.

Expert Staff, Services and Professional Assistance 

Whether you work directly with Dr. Moses, or with one of our staff, you can be sure that our goal is provide you with exemplary service that meets your needs.

Services from Moses Chiropractic Wellness Center

We work together with you to create a plan customized for your specific needs.

Neck Pain
Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing “state of the art” Chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of Chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of expertise that now exists. 

Weight Loss

Dr. Moses has spent several years putting together a non-invasive weight loss system. We have some amazing tools that encompasses nutrition, exercise, body wraps, lipo-laser, vibration therapy, detoxification, cryolipolisis and SMT. 

Wellness Supplements

Combination of Science and Nature

Taking care of You

Our supplements are a product of extensive research, and an insight to what you and your body's specific needs are. From vitamins to a sleep aid, or greens to a beneficial mud, we have many products that will help.

Moses Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Providing exemplary chiropractic, nutrition and weight loss services in the East Bay Area

Our Goal

We take a "whole person" approach to our services, and our goal is to not just put you back in place, but to make a better you, from the inside out.

Commitment to You

Located in San Pablo, we offer a comforting environment to receive treatment. Dr. Moses and his staff will ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. 

Convenient Appointments

We created our schedule with you in mind - easy to make appointments on your lunch, after work, or around your schedule.

Chiropractic Care

The approach we use is based on our clinical judgement and what your body is telling us.  Dr. Moses uses many techniques that include; SOT Blocking; Activator; Drop Table; Diversified;  and CBP.

Weight Loss

.We have some amazing tools to help you reach your weight loss goals that encompasses nutrition, supplements, exercise, body wraps, lipo-laser, vibration therapy, detoxification, cryolipolisis and SMT. 

Nutritional Supplements

We have over 15 products Dr. Moses has curated or created as a result of extensive research. As part of our nutrition program, Dr. Moses can help point you on the path to feeling better inside and out.


Our Experienced Doctor


I'm Dr. Moses, and you as the patient, are my top prioity. I work with and counsel each client on biophysics or “mirror imaging” and the nutritional requirements for optimum health. We use a “whole person approach” meaning we look at the whole person for underlying causes of health issues. I specialize in detecting and correcting interference within the nervous system; the body’s true master control system.

We here at the Health and Wellness Center understand no two bodies are alike and we pride ourselves in catering individualized programs to the specific needs of the client. We also counsel you and may suggest nutritional supplementation. Using this unique approach, the doctor is able to help you accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

Dr. Kerry Moses

D.C, B.S., Q.M.E


Our Clients Love Us

“Dr. Moses is truly an expert in health and wellness. We originally went to him to receive chiropractic services, which he did an awesome job at “fixing” my husband, but then I learned about his weight loss program and am proud to say that I’ve lost weight using his program. It’s affordable, not difficult, and does not require a whole lot, and I get to enjoy the sauna on my visits. He’s also given me a lot of natural health tips and strategies to keep myself and my family healthy. He’s introduced us to trying new foods and everything. If you’re looking for a holistic style, natural, health care professional, I would definitely recommend Dr. Moses.”

Akilah M.

Oakland, CA


Our Clients Love Us

"Dr. Moses is Great he put me back togeather and got on my feet... Thank you Dr Moses"

Vernel Davis



Our Clients Love Us

"Dr. Moses is a healing wonder. I have only had the pleasure of the chiro adjustments intermittently but each time feels like I'm a new person. His approach is the perfect balance between gentle and firm. Dare I say he is a miracle worker?"

Saundra D.



Our Clients Love Us

“Years ago, I underwent a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) which caused my digestive system to slow down and the weight to pile on. August 1, 2015, is the day I decided to take back my life back and enrolled into Dr. Moses’ Weight Loss Program. At time of admission my initial weight was 251 pounds. Three months later, my weight [was] 228 pounds and steadily decreasing ( a total of 24 pounds loss in 90 days) Before I began working out with Dr, Moses once a week, I would get tired by simply walking up a flight of stairs. Now, my energy level is through the roof and my stamina is amazing. to where I am able to jog twenty-five non-stop minutes on the treadmill!!!! Although I’m fighting an uphill battle due to my previously mentioned medical condition, I’m determined to get down to my ideal weight. With Dr. Moses being not just an excellent doctor, but an exceptional motivator, this is a goal I will most definitely meet. Anyone who’s serious about eating right, exercising, losing weight and living a healthy life, should enroll into Dr. Moses Weight Loss program right away. It’s working for me and it will work for you too!!!!

Audrey C.